Wednesday, 9 April 2008

And in 79th place...

It has been pointed out to me - thank you - that the Anaesthetist's Hymn has somehow become the 79th most viewed UK YouTube clip of all time.

999,345 of you have given up 1:49 of your lives to watch it. (Or one of you has given up just under three and a half years watching it.) In either case, thank you. In the second case, please see me after class.

We're teasingly close to a million hits on it - now here's your chance to win five Twixes (the largest prize we can award). Email us your screenshot - -  showing you're the millionth hit and win the jackpot. (Make sure the screenshot includes the time on the computer screen - because YouTube will automatically let us know the time we hit the big one.)

Ready... GO!


Schcreiber said...

Hey guys, I think you should consider re-mastering this song:


Teeqah said...

I think I deserve some consolation prize - for viewing it at least 100 times - to much annoyance of people around me.

I have learn that listening the song alone is not as fun as watching it on the youtube - watching odd expressions in the video

halfasheep said...

Speaking for all anesthetists on the other side of the pond, we heart you tremendously! While the "Anaesthetist's Hymn" is certainly our favorite, the "Drug Song" and "Careless Surgeon" rate quite high on our charts! Looking forward to much from your new blog, as well!