Wednesday, 16 April 2008

From the mailbag

Clearing through a massive heap of papers at home I rediscovered my folder labelled 'Lunatics'.

A few years ago, before things took off and CD distribution was handled by - well - professionals, I used to mail them out from home. People would send their cheques, often alongside a breast photocopy/death threat/terrible poem/insane scrawl - and I would file them in the Lunatics folder. In the event that one of them did in fact kill me the police might have something to go on.

I quite like this one: no access to a cheque-book has meant that this correspondent has provided me with Trebor Xtra strong mints and an Argos pen in return for the CD. I'm not quite sure which of us got the better deal with this. 


Anonymous said...

I'd say you got the better deal out of it, considering you once managed to lose a £700 fountain pen (as Suman so very kindly let his readers know) and were thus re-equipped with a writing device.


adrian said...


that was me!!!

my cousen just rang me to tell me!

That thing in the left is my budgiest symbol!!! (its a religion i founded)

thats mental! that was years ago, i sent chalk too... n i thought the mints would turn to powder n itd b pulled for anthrax.

I think you got the better deal, the cd didnt even have northern birds or the nhs song on!

i did love how trusting you were, sending the cd before payment

wow im the most notable lunatic who posted you...

thanks for the nostalgia high

adrian blake bradford (for confirmation its really me)

adrian said...

can i get a copy of the photo?

Stew said...

"This is a letter from the biggest nutter I have ever encountered"
"Hello, I am that nutter".

I swear to god, I love the internet more and more every day.

SSS said...

It's just like Surprise Surprise.

incurable hippie said...

Just had to tell you, I had an appointment with a neurologist recently and she was making me do this thing where I was clapping my hands quickly together while turning one over and over and over... and I said, 'Oh, is this test for dysdiadokokinesis? Cos I know a song about that.' and she said 'yes it is, and you don't have it'. She didn't say, 'What kind of a song talks about that?!' so I suspect she listens too.

H said...

hahaha Suman, what about the time one of your fans (me) decided that you only lived a 10 minute drive away, and came round one evening with a cheque for a chat :) back in birmingham, i still have the letter you left with the CD, you delivered it to my door as i recall. *nostalgic sigh* good times.

frank said...

thts amazin,
i rememeber wen adrian founded the Budgiest "religion". lol. it was years ago wen we had nothing better to do.

Adrian said...

lol is that francis from down my street who just left that???


the nostalja this blog has brought me!

Anonymous said...

I was in A&E the other night and the Dr did a full neuro exam, and when we got to the clappy, turny hands over bit I said I know what that is, I learnt it in a song. He'd never heard of you....