Saturday, 12 April 2008


Following a number* of requests, we have been looking into the production of limited-edition Amateur Transplants merchandise. Just the usual things – T-shirts, caps, diaphragms, stoma bags, condoms, stoma bag condoms – and of course a range of bespoke luxury chocolates.

We are delighted to present forthwith the list of chocolates featuring in our new brand: ‘A Taste of Adam & Suman’

Strawberry Holocaust
Sputum Cup
Chocolate Disaster
Almond Phylaxis
Banana Reflux
Coconut Residue
Cockroach Crisp
Ebola Surprise
Barium Enigma
Bacon Creme
Oyster Supreme
Coffee Disappointment
Ball-bearing Surprise
Hazelnut Laxative

Available to order from the website soon.

* three


Dragonfly said...

Sounds better than whatever they were called beans from Harry Potter

Simon said...

Will they have medicinal benefits?

Anonymous said...

of course, all chocolates are medicinal!

spooky-kate said...

Maybe you'd also like to ask Monty Python for their recipe of "crunchy frog". ;-)

Anonymous said...

The songs can be close to the knuckle but 'a taste of Adam and Suman' is too far even for me! How about a phenolphthalein surprise? KDM

Andrew said...

can i put in an order for half a dozen sputum cups please

oliviascotland said...

My daughter thought the barium enigma and the banana reflux sounded right up her street!!