Saturday, 12 April 2008


Wow, this is nice!

I'm going to be blogging here from now on instead of my old site - welcome if you've come from there... and welcome if you haven't.

I'll be bringing a few stories over from there, as well as writing new stuff.

Plus we're finishing off the next album (yes I know it's taking time - but once you've heard it you'll wonder understand why).

In my spare time I'm studying for yet more exams; recently I attended a lecture on Brain Surgery... the professor said, without a hint of irony that it's not Rocket Science. Hmm.

Enjoy the new site!
(Have a play with the iDoc music player & order your tickets for the gigs!)

1 comment:

Adrian said...

hey, the ipod thingy only seems to want to play aneathetists hymm, which is obviously awsome, but i dont know why it is discriminating against other awsomeness