Saturday, 17 May 2008

Photo Call

In response to your requests, here is a Facebook page where you can share Amateur Transplants gig photos to your heart's content. There's also the option to comment on them... (for now...)

In other news:

- Adam is away on holiday, so I doubt the rubber plant is still alive (I think it may actually be made of rubber anyway)

- Meanwhile, I've been on-call, mostly trying to glue people back together in the middle of the night - so it figures that if fewer of you stabbed each other, I'd have more time to update the blog... it's a give & take thing...

- "Unfit for Practice" is still unfit for release... think of it like a Japanese blowfish, that would kill you if you had it when it wasn't ready...

- The CD/DVD ordering page doesn't like it if you have your pop-up blocker enabled on Internet Adventurer (because it's a pop-up) so try turning it off.
(Don't forget to turn the pop-up blocker back on after you've placed your order before surfing elsewhere...)

So get on Facebook if you have, or would like to see, any nice gig photos.
I've put a few up to start you off.



maybeedeluxe said...

Hey Suman,

this is what i call fast :)
Thanks for the link to the Facebook page, the anonymous poster asking for a photo-link was me at work ;)

As for the CD ordering page: Everything works fine besides the payment via paypal apparently doesn't work out, i.e. the recipient's email address is unknown to paypal. I already tried to contact "thefridayproject" via that specific email address 2 weeks ago and got a notification that emails can't be delivered to this email address and so says Paypal. A couple of days after i ordered i got the note from paypal to cancel my order, because payments wouldn't be accepted. You might want to check it out and have thefridayproject fix it.
Anyway, i gave it a second try and i'm still waiting for my paypal payment to be accepted....maybe it just doesn't like my location outside the UK :p
If this doesn't work out either, i'm gonna grab one in June at The Bedford ;) ( A much better way to get it, if you ask me)

Regarding people complaining about a lack of updates etc. : I recently asked for support regarding the CD issues at and got a speedy reply from Adam.

Kudos - one can't complain that you guys wouldn't care! ;)

Japanese blowfish - Huh?
I already had a nice "fish-experience" tonight, though i still feel fine - maybe it wasn't expired then ;)
I'll better be patient ;)

Take care


*hops over to Facebook*

Anonymous said...

Dr S,

You have my heartfelt empathy and sympathy.

Is there an exclusion clause with regards to the stabbing of a certain Mr B Gates?

Currently debating whether Dr Stolichnaya or some 3hydroxy-BDZs are the better option.

For the non-over-18s-non-medics out there, go for the vodka.

As for Dr K's rubber plant, defib it. One way or the other eh?

The Mrs and I have tickets for the next gig. It would be great to say hello. Try 'the nimble fingered gentleman' by Billy Mayerl.If you can't find the sheet music, shall send you a copy.


Anonymous said...

Hasn't The Friday Project gone into administration or something like that? Maybe that's why CD clicky thing doesn't work...

maybeedeluxe said...

@ anonymous: Thanks for pointing it out.
The CD clicky thing works fine, but afterwards the payment stays in paypal's "TwilightZone" to all eternity ;)