Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Two things

Back from holiday.

It was lovely, thank you. Not quite tanned, but definitely off-white. (To be quite precise - and assuming the Dulux Colour Chart is a recognised scale - I'm Mill Flower W 142.)

I have learned two things whilst away.

First thing: the phrase about not judging a book by its cover does not apply to rural Spanish cafes. They should be judged.

Second thing: if you're at a spa you may well find yourself fresh out of the pool and lying on a heated sun lounger. This sensation of strange and localised warmth may prompt you to mention to your partner that it feels like you've shat yourself. Your partner will then point out that you have in fact shat yourself. This is embarrassing to explain to the spa staff. (I think the heat changes may have adversely affected my anal auto-regulation.)

PS. At time of press, a dozen tickets left for next week's Amateur Transplants and Enemies gig if you fancy - clickety tickety.


jenn said...

LOL, moral of that story, DONT go to the spa unless you're on an empty stomach , hehe

maybeedeluxe said...

@ jenn ....or don't go to the spa after a few drinks at Café Colon, hehehe

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps call on your plastics mate who can give your sphincter a little shot of botox.After all it's a spa. Should see you through the holiday at the very least....

Anonymous said...

Just want to say....I read this blog 20 mins before going into my biology exam. A question on magnesium deficiency in plants came up. I am indebted at least 5 marks to you.

Indio said...

Hey, what city was that? I recognise the woman as a tipical "iaia" (old spanish woman), haha.

By the way, the cafe is called "COLÓN", no COLON xD. You know, COLON was a spanish explorer... the guy who was suposed to discover America and stuff.

Our "COLON" is the same than yours, but the one in the pic has "´" so it's a different word.

...You had already noticed that, didn't you? and it was all a joke, sure... lol, i'll keep silence xD

BTW! I love your songs.