Sunday, 22 June 2008

So you're:

a) hungry, but too lazy to chew. You want Meat water

b) slightly malevolant, and want to wander round the world turning off TVs. You want TV B Gone.

c) keen to buy cement blocks from an extremely angry man. Here you go.

d) a priest wanting to pep up a sermon. You want to include some of the nuts bits of the Bible.

e) after a hotel room that looks like a cartoon. And here it is.

I think that's everything covered.


pocahontas said...

hm, the angry cement guy sounds well arousing... would LOVE to grab a meat water with him some time !

PS : oh adam seriously, come off it :D if you wanna sell them cement blocks so badly just tag 'em with ' Amateur Transplants Special Cement Blocks ' ! I predict they're even gonna be hotter than these neck ropes thingies :')...

PSS : you're funny. why are most funny guys British ?

pocahontas said...

oh yes and it's PPS and not PSS
PSS sounds like an abbreviation of piss.
I'm not English so this one doesn't come on to my foolish mistakes list.

MadOldBat said...

I think you just found a front man for NHS direct

rj said...

Reckon Sumans ever tried the cement man approach when he's gas fitting?

Anna said...

I want the angry man to do a voice message on the front of when people ring the community midwife mobile overnight where I work. So that all the people who call me at 3am wanting to change an appointment, or because their baby is crying (nothing wrong with it, it is just crying... okaaay) will GO AWAY.