Sunday, 13 July 2008

Is this microphone live?

You know the idea of a sound-check; turn up a bit early - test the piano, say 'one, two' quite a lot into the microphones and work on the levels. Time-consuming, tedious, but part of the job. And not usually life-threatening.

At a gig last night where we discovered during the sound-check that the microphones carried a significant electrical charge. So much so that getting within a centimetre of the mic resulted in a little blue cunty arc of electricity firing into my lip.

This quirk was unfortunately uncorrectable prior to the gig, so our swearing during the performance was more frequent, less predictable and much more heart-felt than ever. Bzzzzt - FUCK!


Anonymous said...

God sure does work in mysterios ways.

Anonymous said...

'mysterious' even

Anna said...

This happened to someone I used to know. He was playing in a band and managed to complete the circuit with the mic stand and his electric guitar, and everyone was yelling 'hit it away' so the guy I know picked up a bit of wood... and hit the BLOKE and not the mic stand. So yes, being electrocuted and then having the crap beaten out of you by your rocker mate I think is probably Bad Times.

Hope you were not electrocuted too much.

Wednesday said...

Ouch! Not nice... The worst mishap at a gig that I've had recently is the music being blown away, or unbearable heat. I was in New York at this time, not England, clearly. Hope the next gig isn't as electrifying!

Friz said...

How many roadies does it take to change a lightbulb?


Two. One Two. Check.

Two. Two One Two.