Friday, 8 August 2008

Take The High Road

Adam & I are playing at the Edinburgh Festival together for the first time since 2005.

Despite being well-prepared in the run-up (regarding the venue, advertising, rehearsals etc.)it's all started to go a bit wrong leaving London today... I expected difficulties in using the Tube at rush hour and anticipated the additional problems of bringing along a large rucksack. But the trombone reduced my manoeuverability considerably. As did the digital piano.

Well, we're on the train to Scotchland now. After a ticketing fuck-up, Adam is sitting on the floor at the other end of the train carriage.
I, on the other hand, have drawn the short straw. I'm sitting one seat behind a screaming baby.

[40 minutes later]
Oh Lordy. Why won't he stop?
It's as if he's only just learnt how to scream and now he's testing out all the various options.
Why doesn't the mother do something?

Ew. The mother has done something.
And now I'm creeped out.

Now, I don't object to breastfeeding in public. (Or in private.)
And I can't even see the mum in the seat in front of me.
But this kid is STARING at me. He's looking right at me while he's feeding. Why has he got his eyes open anyway? Isn't it like kissing, you have to shut your eyes?

Anyway, Adam & I are playing two shows a night for the next week. We'll hopefully post on the blog a few times while we're up here.

(Show starts tomorrow but there's still lots to do today when we get to Edinborough - I haven't changed any money or had my jabs.)



jadeyandcoke said...

be glad you were on a train... i'm going to aberdeen next friday for a wedding, and i'm getting a coach from london :/ i'm unfortunately a poor student who cannot afford the luxury of long haul train travel.
have fun!

Nicola Rudkin said...

saw the show at medina on sunday night, loved it.. the anaesthetists hymn is still my favourite...

Anonymous said...

Lovely to read one of your blogs again. Seems a long time. I saw the Monday night show at Edinburgh and it was fantastic. You said you would try to write on the blog a bit more. That would be great.We loved your new songs, especially mamma mia....SO clever and funny.Want to hear them again so please could you get that new album out asap? And what about a dvd? Thanks for a brilliant show and to both of you for signing our tickets xxx