Friday, 10 October 2008

It's A Small World

Another drunken blog post.

Picture this - it's mid-afternoon on a Friday.

But as fate would have it, I'm actually in Wellington, New Zealand.

It's nearly 3am in the morning.
Adam has gone to bed.
I'm drunker than I've been in well over a year.
I'm in my 6th nightclub of the night.
To my left is a guy I haven't seen since I met him randomly in Toronto on a night out 7 years ago.
To my right is a guy who I auditioned to replace as the singer in a soul band when he left Birmingham, UK, 4 years ago.

I've spent the evening matching alcohol and Red Bull with a guy who's named after 4 different Hindu gods.

I have exams & assessment looming.
I'm 20 000 miles away from my amazing girlfriend.

I'm attending an International Anaesthetic Conference in the morning.

And I'm hungry.

And I need the loo once again, excuse me.

Ho hum... it's funny how life pans out... ordinarilly, I would have been in London at work right nw, not on the other side of the world.

How are you?
Are you enjoying the new album?

Love & drunken hugs Suman


Anonymous said...

More full-length tracks would have been nice to be frank...

Fi said...

Welcome to New Zealand!! I am from Christchurch, further south, but Wellington is a GREAT place to get hammered in. Hope you enjoy your brief trip :)


Woohoo welcome to N.Z. Enjoy your stay, we are a crazy bunch down here. Keep up with the songs they are awesome.:) From another chch gal.

kate said...

I'd be impressed at the strangeness of your encounters, but I just finished my freshers week :p

Speaking of which...Come back to Edinburgh! I saw you at Medina, and now I actually live here, I must do the same again(!)

Anonymous said...

I've got to agree with anonymous; more full length tracks would have been good, some of the tracks just sounded a bit, well, lazy.

Sozit said...

I thought it was great. Then again, I'm very easily pleased, so I'm not sure my word means much...

Edinburgh, stop being greedy! I wish you guys would come to the States once. I would literally travel across the country... as long as I didn't have school.

Ooh! If you actually do come, you should time it to an AMSA convention, or an AMA one (if they have conventions...).

Anonymous said...

i'm still waiting for my copy! i ordered it like, two weeks ago... i know i'm in the states, but damn...

Anonymous said...

Suman, Suman....Sounds like business as usual.

New album is fab...Have listened to several tracks in Jim's car on way to buy dull things for house. (like lights and this what being grown up and a parent is? Fabulous.)

Hope the conference was lovely (?)and that you returned home safely to your lovely girlfriend!


Love the song about exams by the way...can't remember the name of track and Jim has it in his car...sounds very familiar at the mo...Jim is revising for final.

Alex said...


Love the new album! I'll email you...Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I love the song about the exams.And the whole cd. Brilliant.I love the keyboard accompaniment too. I think that was you playing.My daughter has grade 8 piano and flute, and she says you are sooo musical.hope you are safe home now with your lovely girlfriend. Enjoy. you deserve it XX

rj said...

"Everybody wonders what anaesthetists do when the patient is asleep..."