Monday, 17 November 2008

Amateur Transplants release a single!

So the news is this:

We are releasing the punky, funky new recording of London Underground as a single on iTunes today!

Why you should buy it:

- It is the only Amateur Transplants track you can currently (and probably ever) buy online & add to your digital music collection.

- ABSOLUTELY ALL the money made is going to charity - Macmillan Cancer Support.

- If the tunes sells more than 2000 downloads this week, it will get into the charts.
- If it gets into the charts they will HAVE to play it on the radio.
- If they play it on the radio (bleeped out, of course)... well, just imagine sitting in a traffic jam with the radio on, everyone in neighbouring cars swearing their heads off...!

So head over to iTunes & buy yourself a copy TODAY , and then tell everyone you know to buy it this week - blog it, forward emails, do what you can... you can have the London Underground song as your ringtone again!

But help raise money for charity and get singalong swearing on the radio!!

EDIT: here's the iTunes link:

-S & A-
PS it's based on weekly sales, so we're pushing for everyone to buy it THIS WEEK! Go go go!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Not Forgotten

It's been a stressful few weeks.
I've started work at a new hospital.

Day 1 was admin.
They lost the forms I'd posted them so I had to fill them all in again. Dozens of them.
They weren't easy questions either - who can remember the postcodes for their last 5 addresses?
(The sudoku was fairly easy, but I suspect it fell in amongst the paperwork by accident.)
They rang me the next day to say they'd found my original forms. Cheers - does that mean I'd get paid twice?

The Occupational Nurse couldn't read the results of my recent blood tests because she couldn't find her glasses - so she tried to take blood from me instead! She did manage to hit a vein first time but I don't think it was the one she was aiming for.

Then the IT guy talked us through the hospital systems for hours, like we were 5-year olds. He stood at the front of the room, pacing forwards & backwards - and didn't notice me humming the Hokey Cokey.

He ended with "Of course, this is just a training system - it's completely different on the wards". Meh.

The Resuscitation Officer showed us how to use the hospital's defibrillators - and had an ED209 moment (Robocop anyone?) when the automated defib he was demonstrating in "safety mode" refused to shut off and started counting down to deliver a massive electric shock to the poor volunteer.
Whose heart didn't need a massive electric shock at that moment in time. Close though...

At the weekend I started my on-calls - it's tricky enough trying to find your way round a massive, unfamiliar hospital in a hurry, but what hope have you got if you pass through a doorway on Floor 2 and find yourself on Floor 1? (which reminds me, I haven't played Portal for ages)

Anyway, to put it into some kind of perspective, I'm writing this on a bumpy, overcrowded train to Wales in the rush hour - and I'm finding it very relaxing.

But the main news is:

Set an alarm, tattoo it on your face, whatever - but make sure you check out the blog on Monday.

There will be another,
VERY important,
blog post.

See you then
Suman x