Monday, 17 November 2008

Amateur Transplants release a single!

So the news is this:

We are releasing the punky, funky new recording of London Underground as a single on iTunes today!

Why you should buy it:

- It is the only Amateur Transplants track you can currently (and probably ever) buy online & add to your digital music collection.

- ABSOLUTELY ALL the money made is going to charity - Macmillan Cancer Support.

- If the tunes sells more than 2000 downloads this week, it will get into the charts.
- If it gets into the charts they will HAVE to play it on the radio.
- If they play it on the radio (bleeped out, of course)... well, just imagine sitting in a traffic jam with the radio on, everyone in neighbouring cars swearing their heads off...!

So head over to iTunes & buy yourself a copy TODAY , and then tell everyone you know to buy it this week - blog it, forward emails, do what you can... you can have the London Underground song as your ringtone again!

But help raise money for charity and get singalong swearing on the radio!!

EDIT: here's the iTunes link:

-S & A-
PS it's based on weekly sales, so we're pushing for everyone to buy it THIS WEEK! Go go go!!


Anonymous said...

that's it?
that's the enormous announcement?

sas said...

Maybe you should add a link to buy the song ... or am I just blind.

Anonymous said...

Bought my copy. Good luck gents.

(Also, people are being very critical of you guys these days. How rude.)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't know an iTune if one bit me. Though I shall make a donation to MacMillan (a nice one if you read my Email Suman). Sadly it will not help you reach the target - but selfishly, I never listen to the radio. As for 'having to play it' - seem to remember a problem with 'God save the Queen' in 1977 when 'they' decided not to have a number one!

Good luck with it nonetheless.

Keith (still waiting for the follow up song based on 'Down at the Tube Station at midnight').

Kev said...

They don't need to "add a link". Go to itunes.. If you dont have an ipod then you probably dont have the technological know how to use a PC. Or a TV. Or an alarm clock.

I have just bought my copy.

Anonymous said...

I think we have all noticed people being critical of you both these days. I hate to say it but it makes one think there might be something valid behind all of it when so many different people have a similar view. Perhaps the "old" AT was better afterall?

Anonymous said...

have bought my copy... is there any way of finding out how many have been sold?

Anonymous said...

Got my copy and harassed all my friends to buy it too.
Suman is your voice getting better or is that just production-trickery I am hearing?
Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

8 comments so far, this is poor. well, here is number 9 and it's also disappointing because I haven't decided yet wether you rock or suck... So let me say this:




it's up to you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Agh! If I knew about this I would've bought it last week - it'll have to wait till tonight. Ah well, money still goes to charity.

KingsMedStudent said...

Sorry this is off-topic, but Im coming to see you at the bedford on the 9th, and i can't for the life of me work out when it starts! When do I need to be there?

Anonymous said...

Guys, I left a message with you through Sophie about updating your videos etc, let me know your thoughts!

Anonymous said... many copies were sold?

Anonymous said...

any word on the number of copies sold?

Loki said...

And now you've crossed the Channel, too.
Congratulations, you're the new hot import item among gaspassers and other undesirables of the Teutonic persuasion.