Saturday, 28 February 2009


Apparently blogs are *so* 2003. So as we can keep right up the moment, we've also joined Twitter. (EDIT - which is apparently already *so* 2008)

Follow us at amateuradam and amateursuman, and follow the mundane and banal intricacies of our ongoing lives, if that's what you're into.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

You see

I forgot my password for Blogger, and it asked me the security question to get my password back, and it was "What is your dog's name?" but I don't have a dog - I must have panicked when it asked me for a security question, so I had to email the tech people at Blogger, and they took ages to reply. I'm sorry, alright? Here's your blog entry:

We're super-crazy-busy at the moment recording and mastering and whatnot for a new live album. As a cheeky little taster, here's a brand new exciting and exclusive track:

Christmas Number 12

We've popped it into the Musical Comedy Awards 2009, and we'll appreciate it a bundle if you could take the time to vote for it. Thank you thank you thank you.

I'll be back soon. And, in case I forget, I'll write it here - the name of my imaginary dog is "bundleoflovefeaturescoochycoochydogface". How could I have forgotten that?