Saturday, 28 February 2009


Apparently blogs are *so* 2003. So as we can keep right up the moment, we've also joined Twitter. (EDIT - which is apparently already *so* 2008)

Follow us at amateuradam and amateursuman, and follow the mundane and banal intricacies of our ongoing lives, if that's what you're into.


maybeedeluxe said...

Finally you showed up on Twitter. I ran countless searches for Amateur Transplants over there during the past couple of weeks :D

Anonymous said...

Dr Kay,

Have no idea (and care even less) what a Twitter is. Life is still OK in the land of a dial-up connection. Have a spare Mont Blanc fountain pen, but you don't get my limited edition Herbert Von Karajan with the piano keys around it!!


Anonymous said...

5yrs at med school learning all those facts to just to forget a password.

Anonymous said...

upper class twit of the year?